In last month’s article, Tire Preparation: The Basics, we covered tire selection, rim selection, and inside preps.  This month, the focus is on the application of outside preps during the week.

     Just like inside preps, there are many options on the market for outside preps. It is best to use both inside and outside preps from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. There are three basic types of outside preps: conditioner, bite chemical, and softener (aka soak).


    Conditioners are primarily used to strengthen the rubber with very little durometer change. This will make the tire faster on a long run.


    The bite chemical prep builds more grip into the tire. Bite chemicals create a very mild drop in durometer. Most build more bite with more wipes.


    Softener is often referred to as soak. When you need a soft tire for maximum grip on wet or slick track conditions, a softener drops the durometer reading.


    When outside prepping during the week you have two options: wiping or pan rolling. Both methods have proven to be successful. Wiping the tires is most common and our recommended method. We prefer the slower method of wiping so we can better manage the tire throughout the week.  Wipe or pan roll outside preps Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so the tire can cure on Friday.

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Randy Garner