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Tire Prep
Tire Prep

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Tire Prep

Every one has their own best kept secret when it comes to preparing their tires. With the ever growing tire prep market you can trust that we have you covered. We carry tire preps from every major distributor as well as our own Dyno Gold Tire Prep. If all the different preps has your head spinning give us a call. Our technicians will get you on a winning prep combination for your application.

Items in Tire Prep


Priced from $16.00/EACH

Hot Lap - 101, Gallon


Pro Blend Hot Lap Inside

Priced from $22.40/EACH

Pro Blend Hot Lap II

Priced from $18.20/EACH

Pro Blend Quick Lap LMT

Priced from $26.60/EACH

Pro Blend Hot Lap Victory Lane

Priced from $18.20/EACH

Hot Lap Pro Bite, Quart


Krug Green Outside Prep

Priced from $35.00/QT

Lambert Blue Prep

Priced from $25.00/EACH

Lambert Clear Prep

Priced from $25.00/EACH

Pink Magic EL

Priced from $25.00/QT

Pink Magic Inside

Priced from $25.00/QT

Pink Magic Outside Prep

Priced from $25.00/QT

Keny Speedy 500, Quart


Track Claw Tire Strengthener

Priced from $21.00/EACH

Dyno Gold Tire Prep

Priced from $12.00/EACH

Track Tac Diamond, Quart


Track Tac Red, Quart


Track Tac Ruby, Quart


Track Tac SQS, Quart


Track Tac Topaz, Quart