Aftermarket Parts

Predator 212CC Aftermarket parts are growing at a faster rate than the OEM Parts. You will find the parts here that we provide for the Aftermarket Predator Parts. Please make sure you are aware of the Style engine you have. The New Style Hemi-Head Predator Engine is growing faster than prior versions of the Harbor Freight Predator 212CC Engine, also known as a 7HP.

Items in Aftermarket Parts

PushRod Kit, 7"x .250"

Item CL-4750
Out Of Stock

PCV Valve

Item EC-280BK

Universal Starter Nut

Item JC-4808
In Stock

Fuel Filter, Gas or Alcohol

In Stock

The Long Shot Pipe

Item MB-LS
In Stock

The Twister Pipe

In Stock

Straight Shooter, Mini Bike

Item MB1
In Stock