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AiM Tire Temperature Kit, Karting
AiM Tire Temperature Kit, Karting
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AiM Tire Temperature Kit, Karting

Item Number MC-TTK
Price   $499.00/EACH


The Tire Temperature kit has been designed to measure the surface temperature of tires which provides important information for chassis tuning, tire exploitation, and driver behavior. The sensors, with a 35 degree angle field of view, measure temperatures between -4 and 248 degrees Fahrenheit and provide a 0-5 volt output signal. The four sensors come in a kit including an Infrared Temperature Controller necessary for connection to the MyChron 5.


  • IR (infrared) temperature controller
  • 4 Tire temperature sensors
  • External power cable
  • 2 - 2m extension cables
  • 2 - 1m extension cables