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MOD1 Grind, Tool Steel Billet, Clone 13HP
MOD1 Grind, Tool Steel Billet, Clone 13HP
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MOD1 Grind, Tool Steel Billet, Clone 13HP

Item Number MOD1-GX390TSB
Qty Break Price
1 $200.00
2 $190.74
3 $181.48
4 $172.22
5 and up $162.96


  • The MOD 1 features the same characteristics as our 308, with the addition of making more top end power. Upgrading the valve springs, a billet connecting rod, and billet flywheel are mandatory. A carb with a 1.33" or 34mm or larger venture is highly recommended. The use of big valves is also highly recommended.
  • Tool Steel Billet cores are the best choice in high RPM applications.
  • The two piece design of the Tool Steel Billet core allows you to advance or retard the cam to meet your application needs.


Engine: 390cc OHV Clone 13HP
Recommended Class:Modified / Open
Target (MAX) RPM:7500
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 48-50 lbs Dual Spring
Valve Lash (In/Ex):.003"
Ignition Timining:Pump Gas Not Recommended
110 Octane 32 Deg BTDC
Methanol 36 Deg BTDC
Compression Ratio:12.2 to 1


Open: 42.0 BTDC78.0 BBDC
Close: 83.5 ABDC46.0 ATDC
Lift: .310".310"
C/L: 108.0 ATDC108.0 BTDC
DUR @ 50:247.6 Deg247.6 Deg