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Tillotson HL-304 Blueprinted Carburetor
Tillotson HL-304 Blueprinted Carburetor
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Tillotson HL-304 Blueprinted Carburetor

Item Number HL-304-WX-11
Price   $250.43/EACH


Dominator carburetors are specifically prepared for each engine combination to maximize performance and to push the rule book for every advantage, while still passing inspection. This carburetor meets the .900" venturi and 1.00" throttle bore rules. It's velocity stack is permanently attached and machine matched to the carb body. The carb body is machined and highly polished to maximize air flow. The throttle shaft is polished and aligned for maximum air flow. The trick throttle shaft screw is handmade. This product includes the throttle linkage, but does not include the intake. It is for methanol and OHV use ONLY.