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CL1 Improved Grind, Clone, Hemi
CL1 Improved Grind, Clone, Hemi
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CL1 Improved Grind, Clone, Hemi

Item Number CL1I
Qty Break Price
1 $39.75
2 $38.16
3 to 4 $36.77
5 to 9 $33.79
10 and up $30.81


  • Designed in 2011, the CL1 Improved has a more retarded centerline to produce optimal top end horsepower.
  • The DynoCams CL-1 Improved is legal for the current profile rules for stock classes.
  • The lobes are hardened for extra durability, extending the life of this cam.


Engine: 196cc OHV Clone, 212cc Hemi Predator
Recommended Class: Stock
Target (MAX) RPM: 6000-6500
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 10.8 lbs
Valve Lash (IN/EX): .003"
Ignition Timining:32 Deg BTDC


Open: 39.0 BTDC76.5 BBDC
Close: 82.0 ABDC47.0 ATDC
Lift: .224".231"
C/L: 112.5 ATDC106.0 BTDC
DUR @ 50:219.0 Deg222.5 Deg
DUR @ 200:86.5 Deg98.0 Deg