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AKRA Stage 4 Builder's Prepared Race Engine
AKRA Stage 4 Builder's Prepared Race Engine
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AKRA Stage 4 Builder's Prepared Race Engine

Item Number CL-AKRA-STAGE4
Price   $1,250.00/EACH

Builder's Preffered

This kit is built for the AKRA Builder's Prepared class rule requirements. The block has been honed, and the deck has been machined to the correct height. The head has been milled and ported, and comes with SI stainless steel valves. The performance carburetor is setup for use with methanol. Once its built we put it on our dyno to tune it for optimal performance.

Kit Includes

Part NumberDescription
CL-1115MPerformance Modified Head
308-CLDynoCams 308 Modified Racing Cam
DCS-CL1DynoCams 26lb Valve Springs
CL-2226-EVPerformance Methanol Carburetor
SI-R-4SI Stainless Steel Intake Valve
SI-R-2SI Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve
ARC-6619Billet Flywheel
ARC-6270Billet Rod
FPC-1Walbro Fuel Pump
JC-CVKBreather Tube
KSR-BS1Clone Pipe
RLV4104RLV Muffler
HS-1000BKBlack Rubberized Heat Sleeve
PM-102100Throttle Kit / Top Plate
00175JRAir Filter
CL-2539Filter Adapter
CL-1415Chain Guard
A3910XAutolite Performance Spark Plug

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