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Gasket Set, Clone
Gasket Set, Clone
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Gasket Set, Clone

Item Number CL-1305
Price   $11.95/EACH


The CL-1305 is a Ducar OEM replacement gasket set for the 196cc clone engine. The set includes:
  • CL-1310 - Head Gasket
  • CL-1340 - Crankcase Gasket
  • CL-1335 - Valve Cover Gasket
  • CL-1315 - Intake Gasket
  • CL-1320 - Intake Gasket
  • CL-1325 - Intake Gasket
  • CL-1330 - Exhaust Gasket
  • CL-1300 - Oil Seals


Engine:196cc OHV Clone