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ARC 3.303 Billet Rod, Clone, Honda
ARC 3.303 Billet Rod, Clone, Honda
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ARC 3.303 Billet Rod, Clone, Honda

Item Number ARC-6270
Price   $56.95/EACH


The 6270 is an ARC stock length billet rod with bearing inserts for the GX200 and GX160, or the 196cc Clone. It is 3.303", center-to-center, and is used with the stock crankshaft and stock style (dished or flat top) piston in modified engines. ARC has the only forced oiling scoop dipper rods available for these engines, providing superior lubrication at the bearing.
Rod is also available in longer lengths to bring the piston closer to the top of the deck, without machining the block: +.010 (ARC-6269) and +.020 (ARC-6271)


  • for GX200, GX160, or 196cc (Clone)
  • 3.303" center-to-center
  • Rod Bolt Torque: 170in/lbs lubricated
  • Bearings and high strength ARP rod bolts are included