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ARC Billet Rod 3.74" X .4908", Animal
ARC Billet Rod 3.74" X .4908", Animal
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ARC Billet Rod 3.74" X .4908", Animal

Item Number ARC-6248
Price   $79.75/EACH


ARC's 3.740" Animal Long Rod, with bearing inserts included. Designed to give you the most rod length possible with the stock block and crankshaft by using the shorter compression height Wiseco 1982P140 piston with approximately .90 degrees cut off the top. This piston uses a smaller, .490" wrist pin, which is a much lighter combination than stock. The increased length lessens the rod angle at half-stroke, which decreases stress on the rod and piston-to-wall pressure. These features provide considerable improvement in durability, as well as increased performance.

Rod Bolt Torque: 170in/lbs. lubricated