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89-7EXP Grind, Flathead Core
89-7EXP Grind, Flathead Core
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89-7EXP Grind, Flathead Core

Item Number 89-7EXP
Qty Break Price
1 $60.00
2 $57.60
3 to 4 $55.50
5 to 9 $51.00
10 and up $46.50


  • This fast ramp cam was designed to turn a stock unrestricted engine well into the mid to high 6000 RPM range. Excellent top end! We recommend billet lifters and heat treated lower retainers as well as beefing up the tappet bores.
  • The lobes are hardened for extra durability, extending the life of this cam.


Engine: Briggs 5HP Flathead
Recommended Class: Junior / Stock
Target (MAX) RPM: 5800 / 6200
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 16 lbs / 15 lbs
Valve Lash (In/Ex): .005"
Ignition Timining: 27-28 Deg BTDC