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07-3 Grind, Flathead Core
07-3 Grind, Flathead Core
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07-3 Grind, Flathead Core

Item Number 07-3
Qty Break Price
1 $60.00
2 $57.60
3 to 4 $55.50
5 to 9 $51.00
10 and up $46.50


  • This cam features a softer intake opening which allows you to run less spring pressure thus improving acceleration. The exhaust lobe closes extremely late increasing HP on top end without sacrificing bottom end. Welding of the EX tappet bore is still recommended.
  • The lobes are hardened for extra durability, extending the life of this cam.


Engine: Briggs 5HP Flathead
Recommended Class: All Stock Classes
Target (MAX) RPM: 7000
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 18 lbs
Valve Lash (In/Ex): .003"
Ignition Timining: 29-30 Deg BTDC